Business area

We are undertaking various activities, from representing businesses externally to servicing membership internally. Our services are open to member companies, domestic or foreign, and we can bring information and services to our members in every industry sector. We offer customized services to suit every member's need and help them to turn to informatization and globalization.

1. Business Network and Promotion

Human networking is very critical for doing business in Korea. We offer various seminars and networking programs to meet networking needs and to give timely business information and industrial trends to our member companies.

CEO Roundtable
Seminars and Workshops for business management
Promotion of Single PPM
Mutual Aid for PL Claims
Free Consulting for ISO certificate


2. Education and Knowledge

To make a success in Korea, one has to make sure that education must come first in order to stay competitive. We offer excellent education contents and programs to improve the competitiveness of our member companies.

Online Education Center
Leadership Training
Basic Job Skill Evaluation


3. Global marketing and networking

We operate a trade promotion center to assist member companies to expand international business in overseas markets by dispatching trade missions and participating in international exhibitions and fairs. We also try to strengthen our global networking with foreign CCIs in order to boost trade.

Trade Missions
Providing potential buyer lists
Global business courses
Participation in exhibitions and fairs
Translation of trade documents


4. Representation of interest for the local businesses

As the true voice of our member companies, we try to solve difficulties related to regulations and business management by proposing appropriate suggestions to the government.

Difficulties related to business management
Bottleneck in management of small and medium companies
Development of local economy and local society


5. Services for Membership

We provide membership certificate and offer various events to enhance close links with member companies. It includes free consulting for business management and free issuance of various trade certificates.

Support for events and occasions held by member companies
Operating regional business councils
Issuance of trade certificates